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MBBS Program in English Medium/Chinese Medium

China is one of the economic giant in the world now. China has one of the best English medium & Chinese medium MBBS education systems in the world. China has great medical education infrastructure and offers international standard medical education. China government through Ministry of Education controls the English medium MBBS program very strictly. Only 3470 seats for international students are allocated in 49 approved universities.

Universities / Colleges offering MBBS degrees in English Medium are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), by the Medical Council of China and are listed in the Directory of World Medical Schools. Medical graduates from those medical schools are eligible to sit for the USMLE tests for licensing in USA and for licensing exams in U.K.

The MBBS in English Medium from China is also globally recognized, like South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal), South-East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.), Africa Continent (Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, etc.), Middle East Countries ( UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Qatar, etc.), America Continent (Jamaica, Guyana, Bahamas, USA, Canada), European Countries (UK, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, etc.), Pacific Ocean Countries (Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).

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